Photo-Video Project about the Kapp-Putsch in Kiel 1920

A photo-video project on the Kapp-Putsch in Kiel was completed in 2005 and presented to some experts. According to their comments the project has been reviewed. It is now available on DVD (German only) for the public against a contribution.

The project is a reviewed version of a slide show titled: "Kapp-Putsch in Kiel - März 1920" and based on interviews with the following time witnesses: Otto Preßler, Martha Riedl, Theo and Jonny Pump and Magdalene Hocke, as well as the utilization of many documents (military archives) and publications (Dr. Radbruch, Dirk Dähnhardt/Gerhard Granier, Hartmut Idzko). Also included: narrations from Walter Hasenclever and Axel Eggebrecht, who were at that time in Kiel and became close witnesses of the incidents.

Time 55 minutes.
Made by Klaus Kuhl, Kiel 1980, 2005

Here you can download or view a short part of the video (German; 1 min.; 850 kB):
Interview with Magdalene Hocke geb. Cipa on the advance of the putsch troups onto the union house.
Only for private or scientific purposes

Translated statement from Mrs. Hocke, by that time 6 years old:
We were hearing gun shots for some time already, but we had no idea of what was going on. Then our mother brought us into our flat and told us to hide. But we ran outside again here out of this doorway. There we saw the whole street full of soldiers, who kneeled on the street and fired with mashine guns into the air. From down there they got firing response. Those people stood above there at the "Small Theater". Then they got order „Jump up, up!“ and then they ran down here into the direction of the "Small Theater". And then new soldiers came, they knelt down as well and also started firing.

The accompanying brochure, which includes also hints on to the used pictures, photos, documents as well as a litature list, may be downloaded here (German, private use only) (pdf, 1.2 MB): >>
(Attachments include: "Aussage Levetzows vor Gericht" und "Stellungnahme von Trothas".)

Kommentar von Dr. Granier:
Dr. Gerhard Granier is co-author of the book Dähnhardt/Granier: "Kapp-Putsch in Kiel", Gesellschaft für Kieler Stadtgeschichte, Band 66, Kiel 1980. We are grateful that he took a close look at our photo-video project and noted down a number of remarks. He also elaborated some aspects in a second letter, when he answered my response. His remarks have meanwhile been integrated into the accompanying brochure.

Hint: NDR-Film
Hartmut Idzko produced two TV films about the Kapp-Putsch (German):
i. Kapp-Putsch in Kiel, broadcast on 20.03.1980, duration ca. 20 min.
ii. Interview with Kapp's daughter, broadcast on 18.3.1980, duration ca. 5 min.


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