CV Otto Preßler


Born 29.12.1895 in Kiel

Occupation: setting up metal work machinery

He was a front combatant during the First World War

He was not involved in the marines' mutiny in Kiel, because at that time he was still at war.

Was one of the first members of the KPD [Communist Party of Germany] in Kiel December 1918

Worked at the small ship yard "Stocks und Kolbe"

Played an important role in the February events 1919 (see marines' mutiny in Kiel)

Worked then at the ship yard Germania in Kiel

Played an important role during the quashing of the Kapp-Putsch in Kiel 1920

Became chairman of the metal union in Kiel after the second world war

Was a member of the first appointed Landtag [regional parlament] from 26.02.1946 until 11.11.1946 and a member of the second appointed Landtag from 02.12.1946 until 19.04.1947

Died 08.07.1981


These are the data known to me. For further information, comments or corrections I would be grateful.
A detailed description of his life prepared by Detlef Siegfried can be found in: Gesellschaft für Politik und Bildung S-H e.V., "Demokratische Geschichte IV", Neuer Malik Verlag, Kiel, 1989.


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