Environment and OSH consultation


Verbraucherzentrale [Consumer Centre]/Wege-Zweckverband (1987 - 1991):

Pilot project of the Verbraucherzentrale Schleswig-Holstein for the introduction of a mobile environmental consultation in the Kreis Segeberg in collaboration with the Wege-Zweckverband der Gemeinden des Kreises Segeberg. The project was very successful and is still continued although in a slightly different form.

Technology Consultation Centre Schleswig-Holstein (1997 - 2000):

Different projects for the councelling of workers' and employees' representatives in the area of EMAS. Moderation of the work goups "Öko-Audit [EMAS]" and "Umweltbeauftragte S-H [environmental managers]". Conducting various seminars.
Also active in the OSH area: conducting various projects, among others cost-benefit, and seminars in cooperation wih differnt specialists regarding Arbeitsschutzgesetz, psychological stress, computer work, etc.

Cooperation Centre Hamburg (from 2001):

Project manager for the European innovation project CLEANTOOL, which established a very broad database of practically tested best practice metal cleaning processes covering all specific details of the processes. An integrated tool assists users in selecting the appropriate processes by evaluating numerous aspects from all areas like technology, quality, OSH, environment and costs.
For further informationen see the Cleantool website >> or the homepage of the Cooperation Centre >> .

Taking part in the Topic Centre Work Environment / OSH of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work >> .

After some freelance consultation services, from 2006 development of a hazardous substances information system for the amalgamated metal industry accident insurer (GISMET). The system received very positive feedback from craft as well as from SMEs. However the accident insuerers needed some time to decide as to whether and how to continue developing the system. Thus it is still password protected. If you are intereseted to test the system please ask for a password at the Kooperationsstelle Hamburg.
A similar system has been put into practice by the accident insurers of the construction and the chemicals industry, see: www.gisbau.de and www.gischem.de

Project manager in the benOSH study, conducted on behalf of the EU Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities in order to establish the operational costs of work-related accidents and ill health. These were then compared to the necessary investments for related measures that have or could have prevented these accidents or diseases. Also benefits like increased productivity through improved processes or machinery etc. were considered. The study was led by the institute Prevent from Brussels. The partners established 401 case studies in more than 50 companies. On the one side accidents at work of different severity (commuting accidents are excluded) and on the other side work related diseases such as musculoskeletal problems, skin- and respiratory diseases, psychological stress and cases of violence were considered.
The report was published in printed form in December 2011; it will published soon at the website of the EU-DG: >>


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