Employees oriented environment and OSH activities in Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein

Work group on OSH and environmental protection of the metal union Kiel/Neum├╝nster.

End of May 1996 an eco-audit work group was initiated by Henning Eggers, by that time shop steward and environmental manager of Heidelberg Prepress. The work group was managed by Klaus Kuhl, TBS S-H.

The work group discussed experience with environmental management systems with a large number of shopstewards and employee representatives in Schleswig-Holstein. The summarized results were published in a TBS brochure. Especially the companies Sch├╝lke & Mayr, Heidelberg Prepress, Elac Electroacoustic and SP-Beton together with their environmetally minded shopstewards and employee representatives were at the forefront of the development.

After some years we combined the group with another work group dealing with occupational health and safety of the metal union in Kiel. It consists mainly of shopstewards and employee representatives from all sectors. Nevertheless there are also union members without function and guest participating. Any other interested people are welcome.

Meeting date and time

The work group meets every fourth Tuesday in a month; venue is the union house in Kiel. Environmental issues have lost its prominence, meanwhile mainly OSH issues are on the agenda.

Contact: Klaus Kuhl, Email: klaus dot kuhl at kurkuhl dot de
Or Sönke Bock, Email: soenke dot bock at kielnet dot net.


Last updated 14 December 2011

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