Renate takes part in village life in Kenya



Reports from the end of the 1980s.


Renate learns how to dye sisal and how to
make baskets (Ciondo).
She became a real expert.






She also made this interesting photo series from a private hair dressing shop next door. Our neighbour was a specialist in producing various hairstyles for the other women of our village. Renate loved to be part and parcel of the work/art and the enjoyment/chatting:

Foto afrikanische Frisuren The old hairdress is being undone ....
Foto afrikanische Frisuren and opened up ...
great look ...
Now "Pure Petroleum Jelly" is applied
Preparations for flattening are complete
Mama Erik heats up the hot comb on a "Jiko"
Fuming and hissing...
Wairimu suffers
The flattened hairs are plaited into a new hair style
First in the middle
Then at the sides
Work in progress
Voila, the result


Wairimu, Mama Erik and Renate had real fun.

In 2011 we spent a three weeks holiday in Kenya. We met many of our neighbours and friends . A report of our (very positive) experience can be read or downloaded here (pdf, 700 kB) >>

Last updated 14 December 2011

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